How To Find Mlm Prospects

How to find mlm prospects at the end of the day will determine if your going to be financially free or chained to a desk for the next 50 years. I want to share with you my free and extremely effective way or growing an endless pool of receptive mlm prospects, coming to you to hear about your opportunity! How to find mlm prospects and eliminate rejection while finding the best prospects for your business, what I have found is even if you have a great system and a great product but can never figured out how to find mlm prospects you are dead in the water!

On the flip side if you know how to find mlm prospects and you are not the best at growing a down-line through relationships and coaching and training you can still have some success and improve on those second set of skills but if you don’t know how to find mlm prospects you will never get the boat out of the harbor.

I understood that if I knew how to find mlm prospects consistantly the only possible result is huge success in mlm. I have yet to hear from any past rep “I presented my opportunity to 3 people a day for 1 year and I did not make any money” I have NEVER heard that! I have heard more time than I can count “I presented my business to 3 new prospects every day and within that same year I was in mlm full time!” But before you cue up aweber or put together a massive email to every person you can dig up, lets talk about someone who will be susceptible to a presentation for your opportunity. If I am getting spam emails left and right and another one shows up with a different address I’m going to throw that in the trash so fast I wont even see a catchy title. If I log into my FB and see a new message and I’m excited to hear from my friends or family, and then I see, help you make money fast! Click this link, or even let’s make money together 100% guaranteed money making system online, Risk Free! You can be sure I’m kinda bummed because I expected a buddy to be inviting me out to hang out or show me a cool video and this is what I see. Let’s talk about preparing your prospect or better yet building a relationship to see if this person is even going to want to make additional money from home.

Now I found that the explosion in my business started just after I made commitment that every day I would connect with 10 new poeple and actually develop relationships,  Let’s look at this situation every day I log in to FB or Google+ I have 2 or 3 people with a friend request of some sort depending on which network and I always add them because I enjoy talking to people. I want to meet and learn and find out what is there reason to finding me? This is the kind of individuals you want to connect with, and they will sort them selves out if they decline you or question you for trying to establish a connection no matter the social connection, and in the end there is no way I want to work with that person anyway! I want someone who is social, friendly and a fun person to be around that person is not going to shut you down if you comment on their page or try to make a connection with them. So send out 10 friend requests per day out of those that accept they will see the exciting thing’s you will occasionally post on your page and this will begin their curiosity, to spur it along send them a pm about something on their page or leave a comment, they will click over to your page to see what your up to. (not to get off topic but quick note, you should post alteast twice a week about your oppertunity and something in your profile nothing too crazy or extravagant but exciting! For more info on this shoot me a comment or email)

Even though this may take a little longer when you earn their trust and show them your opportunity they are 100% interested and receptive seeing you as the professional!! You want to make sure your not wasting your time prospecting! If your are sponsoring with no real relationship you wasted your time and 9 times out of 10 they will be gone in 14 days! That is a massive waste of time and effort! So make it count!

Always keep your finish line in mind using this strategy on how to find mlm prospects, you are sending out 300 friend requests per month (10 per day), which in turn should bring you half as friends so in the end every month you are finding 150 new friends after 2 or 3 months of this you will have an endless stream of receptive prospects who are seeing you as the professional!



MLM Secrets That Will Consistently Grow Your Business, You Don’t Want To Miss This!

I was talking with one of my leaders last night and he kept on saying that if he knew all the mlm secrets that he would be able to get to the next level. And believe me when one of you leaders is already doing well but wants to do even better and is willing to do whatever he can to get there, I am all for it and helping in every way possible. But the main thing that I have come back to time and time again in my business is whenever prospecting got tough or you were hearing more no’s or you get discouraged in some way, I always went back to a couple core  tools, my mlm secrets. You can’t build a lasting network on hype.

The first thing I would always do is go back to my product pick out my favorite 5 success stories, I would read them and re-read them because this product is amazing, and everyone I am talking to needs to know about it.

Second I found something fun that would grow my business, and every day I would duplicate it! Now remember everyone is different some people think it’s fun to battle for an articles on the first page of Google. Others think it is a blast to go out prospecting at their favorite venue. My favorite thing to do was find the top producers in non-competing companies and cold call them to find out about their product from them and what they were doing what were there mlm secrets. Not because I was forcing my company down their throat but because we talked about the value of their product how long they have been in their organization, how did they first get started in mlm and what they like best. Build a relationship  and when you have a prospect that is not into what your doing shoot them over to your new friend with a completely different product and they will be super grateful and it show’s them how you work your business your mlm secrets. Through this avenue I have recruited 5 top producers from other companies, not because I shoved my business down their throat but because I built a relationship over a couple months. In one case they were not stoked about their up-line and in another their was too much corporate competition so they were looking for something else and I was right there sending them some prospects and keeping an open friendly connection.

Remember building a multi-million dollar empire takes persistence, even the most analytic folks out there evaluate this for me and feel free to comment. If you talked to 1000 people about a $500 buy in to your mlm do you think 15 of those 1000 people just maybe want to change their future, love your product and take action? The reason I mention this is I listen to Mike Dillard he has given me some great insights on this journey and he has only personally sponsored 15 people and in my opinion at the top 3% of Network Marketers so that’s all we need to do find. A solid 15, so if you do something every day that is fun so you continue to do it every day and just show 3 prospects a day a video or show them your opportunity that is a 1000 people in just 1 year. My mlm secret is it all comes down to persistence, a little bit of work consistently builds an empire, it just get’s alot easier when that little bit of work is fun.

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Will Succeed!

I remember going through the trenches where you are putting out an enormous amount of work, every day. Whether it be 20 new handshakes every day, or 20 FB connections or 3 new blogs a week. Where you are driving hours on end to get to an event, all this takes time! Now while this time is going by im sure your mind get’s to wandering, will this really work? am I wasting my time? am I wasting my money?

Now the best part about this is, everyone I have ever known who succeded in network marketing, came to this same crossroads multiple times! I can easily list 100 reasons why this is the best industry in the world! But on the way to that reward there is bound to be some negative, now these 5 things I will list will help you two-fold. First they are reasons you will succeed but most important they are also the reasons that keeps you moving forward and that is the real trick in this industry keep moving forward!

1. You see success in your up-line/ leaders and they have given you a game plan that they followed for success! So always remember stay on that path and you will get the same results if it happened once it can happen over and over again!

2. The reward is worth the journey, you must paint yourself a picture of what will your life be like when you succeed, you have to know how amazing it is so you will keep moving toward it. (great thing to put on your mirror, pictures work best)

3 . Be ready for this, expect and know it is a bump in the road you must go over to get to your result, if this was easy everyone would join and be rich.

4. Remember your other option, you could be sitting in a cubicle for the next 50-70 years hoping to get a good tax return so once a year you can treat your family to a vacation or surprise them with a gift. And hopefully if you play your cards right, and if the economy keeps getting better and if you don’t loose your job for any reason, hopefully you can retire at 65 with social security and a 401K. Even if you suffered for 2 years before succeeding in network marketing and achieve your reward your picture you painted which would you choose?

5. Be didicated to what you are doing and solitify it by sharing it with as many others as possible and this is for 2 reasons. 1 to be accountable, and 2 maybe one of those friend or family that is keeping you accountable may want to earn a life of financial freedom and work with you!

Now this one I really have to credit for a good portion of my success, not because I’m lazy and I had to rely on other people. But because sometimes you have a hard day and it is easier to call it quit’s and ill catch up tomorrow, ill write that extra blog or i will find an extra 20 contacts tomorrow so this really kicked my butt in a great way to make sure I built my business ever day!  Just because I told everyone I was going to be successful with my business. So whenever I knew I was going to see them, I knew they were going to ask if I was still in that “thing” and I didn’t want to say I failed or gave up on my dream or nothing has changed since the last time we talked, I’m not saying lie to them and say you are already a millionaire and you just like driving a 2002 Honda Civic. What will happen is you will work harder to make sure when those skeptics and piers say how is that thing going, you are excited and ready for them to ask, because you have been working hard and the business is growing! And in turn your business will be built stronger and quicker!

The #1 reason why your buisness will sink or swim!

I got a call this morning a call you never want to get, but also one that you have to get to help your business partner’s success. A fairly new recruit got his first rejection from a close friend, and he said it wouldn’t work and the bottom line is my new sponsor was a little shaken because he couldn’t believe someone would not want this product! So we did some roll playing and what happened was very interesting, even though he had belief in the product something was missing.

My first job ever was door to door sales, I was 15 and hungry to make money. Every day I would walk to my friends house who ran the show and we would drive out to a territory to knock on 200 doors a day. Now what amazed me is every single day right before we started knocking, he would pull into the same Arco and buy 4 HUGE Monster Energy drinks, I’m talking the 24 oz size. And before we got to the first door he would drink 2 and so would I. After 48oz of pure energy and caffeine and who knows what else we would work for 6 hours strait. Now what is amazing is I was excited, not because I loved knocking door to door, not because I loved the product but, because I had so much caffeine in me I looked awake, energized and excited! That fact alone brought me in 1-2 sales per day and that is not bad when you get 100 bucks a pop, and it was not because I was great at sales, or at presenting. All I did was show excitement for my product and excitement is the most contagious feeling you can give to any prospect! If they go home and you were trying to sell soap but you were so excited about soap even though it’s the most boring product you can think of that prospect is thinking about it and trying to find out what your are so excited about? That is the kind of excitement you want!

Now I’m not saying go buy a bunch of energy drinks, but what I am saying every day listen or watch something inspirational that will build you up and give you a boost of positive energy! For today I want to give you my favorite inspirational short video to watch and what is does is affirms yes I am in the 20% of people who will be a success entrepreneur, and feeds that fire that says I will keep going until I am successful! Now if my new sponsor just listened to Dani Johnson or Robert Kiyosaki or watched the video below and then went to show his friend and had that excitement, fire and conviction in his voice, the result most likely would of been different. Even if his friend did give him a negative response he still would have kept his confidence un-shaken! We are all going to get no’s that is for sure! The difference is if we are prepared with the right mindset and excitement that is contagious for your opportunity! Make it part of your routine to listen to 15 minutes of training or inspirational recordings every day.

Click her to watch video!

How do I know I am in the best direct selling opportunity for me?

Great question! Now you have decided I am going to be a network marketer, this is the industry that creates more millionaires than any other! Yes! that is true this industry network marketing creates more millionaires than any other industry! That is exciting!

Now what is so amazing about direct selling is there are so many options, pay plans, products, binary, pay on unlimited levels, so many options what to choose. Now being so awesome also means it is also confusing.

Three main things you want to pay attention to:

1. First and most important, do you like the product? Is it exciting and interesting to you? Can you 100% represent it and say in 2 years I will be working from home because everyone I know and prospect I can give them a 100% confident and glowing review of this product!


2. What tools do they include for you? What online marketing do they offer, capture pages,  training? What local support do they have?


3. Leadership in the company, do they have top trainers that are giving you the right game plan, and with that game plan can you see yourself making and extra 3-10K per month?


The reason you want to ask yourself this questions now is doubt will creep in! Robert Kiosake, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet all endorse direct selling, having thousands of success stories this is for real! And those that stick with this and use a daily routine with a product they believe in, a great training and game plan, will be successful!

Find mlm prospects through a daily routine to explode your business!

I love this topic it reminds me of my first 6 months in direct selling and finding mlm prospects, I had new energy and excitement but I had no clue how to funnel it! I didn’t know the steps to take on a daily basis to be successful and generate strong mlm prospects.

Bottom line is, if I asked you to walk 500 miles and after that I would guarantee to you that you would be successful, enjoy the life of your dreams go on luxurious vacations, buy any car you wanted and give you kids the best college degree money could buy. You could say a couple of different things.

1. I was crazy and that it could not be done, you cant walk 500 miles.

2. That sounds awesome Matt! Im going to do that this month I will see you successful in 30 days! After walking 50 miles the first week, everyone says your crazy your tired and you burn out it’s just too hard!

Now it’s really not their fault because if they don’t have a game plan, and they don’t know how to build a mlm empire, this is not learned in college, only from experience and leaders who have built an empire. So these individuals fail or quit because your not going to win if you don’t have a plan, a simple one and follow it consistently.

Now there is an option number 3, let’s say you walk 2 miles per day, every day, consistently. Never stopping, persevering through rain, snow, hail, negativity and probably going through 5 pairs of shoes. In a short 8 months your are successful you have walked 500 miles on foot! That is a huge accomplishment! Those people who thought you were crazy now admire you, you have left you job and living that life you have been dreaming of for years, and it only took 8 months of dedication, for an hour a day.

Let’s break it down, let’s take that hour a day and explode your business! And find your mlm prospects!

1. Make 10 new contacts every day! This is simple, take your facebook account, and simply friend 10 new people every day who you don’t currently know, look on fan pages that are in your mlm industry.  Im not saying message them your link and pitch them, make 10K tomorrow, just fiend them, or send them a brief comment

2. Out of the 10 contacts or mlm prospects you sent a friend invite to, everyone that added you go to their page go and comment on something on their page, or write a comment about their hobbies. If you attended the same school, if they tried out the new local restaurant, asking what opportunity they are in? What they like about it? Make a friend! once again simple. Get creative it’s fun!

3. Now this is where it is interesting to get maximum results you need to be a friend to move on the the next step. You don’t just spam links and push your opportunity that will not get results even if you do sponsor someone there is no friendship or connection. This step 3 is crucial and can take 3 days or even a week, build a relationship and have fun!

4. After building a friendship, talking about the industry hobbies whatever it may be, they might ask what you do. Now if they don’t you can approach them with our your business, “hey john, from what we have been talking about it looks like you are doing the right things to be successful, I do work with a neat company that might fit with what your doing now, if you would like ill shoot you over a link that will explain how it works if not no big deal.”

5. If the response is positive from the link you send get in touch with your mentor/ leader/ upline on getting a 3 way call set up, let me repeat. Get in touch with your upline on getting a 3 way call set up, you want them to present and close for you for your first 10 personally sponsored at least this tip alone with save you grief, headache, frustration and lost income in a huge way!

Quick Tip- Now remember when you are prospecting, if your primary business is health look for people interested in health, and secondly the better the connection you build in the comment or in similar interests the better the results you will get.

Now let’s look at the numbers.

Let’s use our hour to the best of our ability for 8 months Monday through Friday.

You have created 1600 mlm prospects that you have reached out too and presented your oppertunity. Here is the beauty you only need 10 partners to build a strong business. Yes only 10, this is a simple and effective system because if you keep on working and moving forward you will be successful so keep it simple!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I know this will help, if used with dedication If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will get back to you.

For everyone that is reading now instead of mlm prospects these are now friends and this is one of the best parts of this business meeting and growing, learning and having a great time with friends.

To see what I do or discuss this in more detail we can connect on FB!

Have a Great Day!